Municipal Services

Campbell Code Services strives to provide each municipality it serves with prompt, professional, and effective service.  We know that dealing with the public we often become the face of a municipality to both residents and contractors. We maintain our professionalism when dealing with the public while insuring compliance with all local municipal ordinances.

Our staff updates and maintains their certifications for Construction Code services including Accessibility, Building, Energy, Plumbing, Fire, Mechanical, and Electrical inspections.  We can provide comprehensive commercial plan review services and accurate documentation for your municipality.

Campbell Code Services provides comprehensive Residential and Commercial services for the following:

Building Plan Review Services:

  • Building Plan Reviews
  • Mechanical Plan Reviews
  • Plumbing Plan Reviews
  • Residential Electrical Plan Reviews
  • Energy Plan Reviews
  • Accessibility Plan Reviews

Building Inspection Services: 

  • Building Inspections
  • Residential Electrical Inspections
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Energy Conservation Inspections
  • Accessibility Inspections
  • Property Maintenance Inspections

Zoning Administration

Our experienced staff members can provide:

  •  Zoning Code Enforcement
  • Assistance with Zoning Ordinances

Rental Inspections

Property Maintenance Enforcement

Use & Occupancy Inspections

Resale Inspections